At Sierra Honda, we’re here to help you make the return of your lease as easy as possible.

Whether it’s helping you customize your lease to meet a length, mileage allotment, or monthly payment, our knowledgeable lease retention team is here to help guide you in the right direction.

There are many options to consider regarding your lease, such as:

1: Are you near your mileage limit?

Going over your mileage allotment can be costly. Before you reach your limit, avoid any additional cost that can be used towards a new lease.

2: Is your next payment due soon?

Use the payment of your current lease towards a new Honda. Get into a new vehicle that has the latest technology and new features.

3: Want to purchase your leased Honda?

Buying your leased vehicle is a great way to continue benefiting from its reliability, performance, and high resale value. If you decide to buy your Honda, you may not need to have it inspected, since generally there are no excess wear and use or excess mileage charges to worry about.

4. Does your current vehicle suit your needs?

Has your lifestyle changed and need a new car to adapt to those changes? Our team can help you find the perfect Honda suited to fit what you’ve been looking for.

To schedule an appointment and review your options, please contact our Lease Retention Team below and we’ll happily assist you with a smooth transition- including the possibility of getting into a new vehicle before your lease ends.

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